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Choosing the Right Activities Can Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Overture Alzheimer's Activities Tips

Alzheimer’s is overwhelming for all involved – not only for the patient, but for their family, too. While the individual may retreat, keeping them engaged and active in appropriate ways is actually quite helpful and positive. Everyone wants to feel needed and useful, and that includes individuals with Alzheimer’s. But how do you begin?

We’ll give you the advice we tell our caregivers: be a detective! Find out what they used to love to do when they were younger. For instance, if someone was a homemaker, let them help with the laundry, like folding clothes. If they used to garden, ask them to show you how to plant flowers.

Seeking their help in simple, safe ways will help them feel like themselves. We’ve seen countless clients go from being shut off to opening up. Yes, they still have Alzheimer’s, and there are good and bad days, but quality of life improves when they feel useful and wanted.

For more tips and support, visit the Alzheimer’s Association’s website. Do you or someone you know need an assessment? We’re available 24x7: 817-887-9401.

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