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Common Household Items Cause Seniors to Fall

Do you know two everyday household items that are some of the most common culprits for contributing to falls in seniors? Read on to find out.

This September, we want to help raise awareness for fall prevention. So many factors can contribute to a senior’s accidental fall, from medication errors, arthritis, dehydration, pets, rugs, plugs and extension cords, poor vision, and more. And falls are one of the top reasons a senior will lose his or her independence.

During Fall Prevention Awareness Week, we hope you’ll join us in sharing information about how to keep your senior family members and friends safely and independently at home. If you need help assessing your loved one’s living situation, as well as potential fall risks, please contact us 24/7.

Now for the household items that regularly trip up seniors: hoses and ladders contribute to severe – and even deadly – falls every day. If your loved one enjoys working around the house, please help ensure they are safe.

Need assistance talking to mom or dad about their fall risks? Give us a call. Let’s help keep them safe, together: 817-887-9401.

Overture Fall Prevention Awareness Week
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