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Tech in Aging - Should Grandma Get an Apple Watch?

At Overture Home Care, we are always looking for ways to make our clients lives better, and to help their families stay connected with their care. We recently read this Wall Street Journal article about the new Apple Watch Series 4, and one thing in particular caught our attention: the watch’s new feature that detects a fall, and if the wearer does not respond, emergency contacts are notified. Be sure to check out the article and consider if it’s time for your loved one to get a new device. Given its ability to truly detect a fall and contact for help if the wearer is unresponsive, this could change a situation’s outcome from grave to serious.

PS - a fall - and the aftermath - is one of the major risks of seniors living at home alone, and why we advocate for at-home care. Learn more about how our services can help prevent falls here. Are you concerned about fall risks? Contact us for a free assessment today.

Lauren Cockerell