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Summer Health Tips for Seniors

For many, the summer evokes memories of vacations, backyard barbecues, pools and beaches, popsicles and watermelon, and more. But, it’s important to understand the unique risks seniors and their caregivers can face. So, enjoy the summer months, but follow these tips to stay safe. Here’s a quick list, and please download and print this PDF for all the helpful details.

summer health tips.jpg
  1. Pay Attention to Heat Wave Reports

  2. Stay Hydrated

  3. Protect Your Skin

  4. Find Cool Places to Spend Time

  5. Avoid Unnecessary Heat Sources

  6. Dress for Summer Weather

  7. Recognize Signs of Heat-Related Emergencies

  8. Know How to Get Cool Quickly

Our staff are trained in all these areas, so they’re ready to help our clients have a great summer. If you have any questions or need any support, please contact us: 817-887-9401.

Lauren Cockerell