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Overture Home Care - Our New Brand

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed the unveiling of our new logo last night. Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback! We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know why we've changed our look.


Why a New Brand?

At Overture Home Care, we are passionate about helping our clients stay in their homes, fostering independence, maintaining vitality, preventing decline, and providing comfort and companionship. As our company has grown, we recognized the need to evolve our brand to better tell our story about how we serve our clients and their families.
Our new logo embodies the quality of our care, focuses on the home itself --- the place where clients are most at ease, surrounded by their belongings and their memories --- and the dignity with which we treat our clients.
The Overture icon --- the circle with four interlocking homes --- exemplifies our commitment to supporting our clients in their desires to stay in their home (wherever that may be) for as long as that is the best, safest option. The homes interlock to showcase the security and stability our caregivers and their services provide to our clients and their families.
The R in Overture is a royal R, signifying the respect and care we provide to our clients and their families. The palette of colors we selected (such as gold and teal) is also emblematic of the royalty with which we treat our clients; our compassion is unparalleled.


Patience, Discretion, Dignity

As we developed our new logo, we maintained the three key words that showcase how we want our clients and their families to feel about Overture, our care aides, and our management team: patience, discretion, dignity. These words encircle our new house mark in our “badge icon,” bolstering the at-home support we provide.
The word Overture means to initiate a new relationship, and we’ve long believed this was the perfect word to name our home care company. Our clients and their families are important to us, and it is an honor to provide care and companionship to our clients.

Thank you for your support and shared excitement as we continue to roll out our new look over the next few months. 

Yours in compassionate care,
The Overture Home Care Family