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Low Turnover in a High Turnover Business

When it comes to the home care industry, high staff turnover is guaranteed. Or is it?

In 2018, the home care industry turnover rate was at an all time high of 82%*. That is A LOT, and that amount of staff change is so hard on the people being cared for, as well as for the businesses themselves.

But at Overture, we believe that if you hire the right people, treat them well, and provide a great place to work, we can fight those odds.

Overture Home Care also tracks our turnover statistics on a quarterly basis to see how we rate against the industry average. We are proud to report that our turnover percentage for first quarter of 2019 is 28%, well below the industry average. While we have consistently run below industry average each quarter, we are seeing an impressive drop in our caregiver turnover rates this year. We believe that taking care of our caregivers and making sure to let them know how much they are appreciated, along with competitive wages and educational and training opportunities make a difference in their job satisfaction with Overture. We truly do believe we have the best caregivers out there, and know that they make such a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

We know how difficult it is when you realize your loved one needs help at home. We also know that it makes a big difference when our clients have caregivers who love their work. If you want your loved one to have the best care available, please give us a call: 817-887-9401.

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*The median caregiver turnover rate skyrocketed to 82% in 2018, according to this year’s Home Care Benchmarking Study by market research and education firm Home Care Pulse.

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