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Men's Health Week June 10-June 16

The week of June 10-June 16 is designated as International Men’s Health Week. This week brings awareness to men’s health issues as well as ways to encourage healthy life choices. For instance, we take this week to highlight the importance for men to go to the doctor, get regular checkups, and getting screen tested.

Some important health screening tests for men are:

  • Cardiovascular screening

  • Colorectal cancer exams

  • Blood Pressure screening

  • Prostate cancer exams

  • Skin cancer exams

  • Testicular cancer exams


Men’s Health Week coincides on the same week as Father’s Day every year. The Friday of Men’s Health Week is celebrated by wearing blue. Wearing blue raises awareness towards health issues that affect men’s both physical and mental health. Join in advocating Men’s Health week and show your support by wearing blue.

paige wolk